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About Me


I am a homesteader, living and building a self sustainable life on a small piece of rural land in the Western Cape of South Africa, with my human and animal family.

I am an intuitive, psychic empath, and vibrational healer and for more than 16 years has been in service to the world through my work with animals, humans, and nature.  I am on ongoing student - studying, researching, and delving deep in order to understand life, the universe and how everything interacts with each other, bringing this understanding into supporting living beings become the best expression of themselves.

The area of my work which is animal focused covers all aspects of animal communication and health, including lost and missing animals; animals in relocation; animals with behaviour issues; rescue and rehabilitation; medical intuition; trauma release and all other aspects of animal communication.  In the 16 years I have been an active animal communicator and healer, I have gained deep understanding, experience and knowledge in the ways to best support animals live in the human world.

For more than 8 years I have been working with Big Cat rescue sanctuaries, and international big cat rescue organisations, supporting and helping the big cats understand the process of relocation, and supporting them with the transitional and settling in phases when they reach their sanctuary, as well as supporting big cats in sanctuaries to have a voice and support their health.
I have worked with feral cat colonies, domestic animal shelters, farmyard rescue, equines and many other animals species.
I have been teaching animal communication practices on a monthly / quarterly basis as part of a volunteer excursion programme at a big cat rescue sanctuary, as well as online and privately.

I am a reiki energy practioner and teacher and have extended my healing modalities into areas such as vibration and sound healing; trauma and emotional charting and repatterning; nervous system attunement; and many other modalities that I have developed and bring into my practice to work as a medical intuitive, helping identify discomfort and pain in animals, to work with lost and missing animals, as well as to support my human clients.

I work with humans in the areas of vibrational alignment; reiki healing; emotional charting and reprogramming; mentoring and teaching.  My work with humans is focused on empowering them with the tools they need to heal themselves.

As a psychic empath and intuitive, I connect across multiple dimensions and realms with  a number of spiritual guides who I have built relationships with over many years of intuitive work, and who guide me and inform me with my work, and where requested, with my clients and students.

I am deeply aligned with earth and nature, working with the earth's magnetic grid through a deep connection with standing stone circles and sensitive to the interaction of the earth with solar and cosmic rays through the electromagnetic field.  I bring this awareness through to working with spaces on earth to clear negative and stuck energy, bring humans and animals into alignment with earth energies.  


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