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About Me


Animal side…. Human side…. Nature side

For more than a decade, I have been an animal communicator and reiki energy healer for both humans and animals. It started as a search for help with depression; transitioned into a desire to help animals as much as they had helped me; and ended up as a path of service to animals, and the earth, and helping humans remember themselves as a part of the natural world and so find their peace, creativity and purpose. 

I initially started working with an established animal communicator, to help grow my confidence and gain experience, and for several years ran the lost and missing animal division, working with a few other communicators in a supportive community with each other, helping to connect with lost and missing animals.  During this same time, I embarked on an inward journey of healing, facilitated by the healing energies of Reiki, and through this inner journey, learnt how to be of service to assist other humans to finding inner peace, release and healing. 

A deep sense of longing was growing with me, an awareness of nature and the earth being alive, and this longing led me to a workshop on the shamanic rites of initiation that have been gifted by the Queros shamans of Peru to the Western world.  These rites of initiation (Munay-Ki) are gifted as seeds into the energy field, whereupon they germinate into their full potential when the recipient provides the right conditions in terms of inner healing, growing awareness, and a willingness to grow the self. 

In 2015, I met the founders of Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary, Cathrine and Lizaene Nyquist-Cornwall, who rescue and provide true sanctuary to big cats around the world (no breeding, trading or interaction… just sanctuary from breeding farms, canned lion hunting, zoos and circuses etc.).  Since then, I have had the joy, privilege and honour to assist both the founders, and the animals they hold close to their heart, and consider these big cats my master-shaman teachers, teaching me how to connect and remember humanity as part of the web of nature and life that is the earth, and together with these cats, I teach regular workshops on animal communication to the human volunteers at Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary.

It was in 2015 that I also met, and fell in love with, Platbos forest, South Africa’s southernmost indigenous forest with several 1000+ year old ancient trees, and on my doorstep!  The forest steward, Melissa Krige, introduced me to talking to trees through her tree essences practitioner course, and from then on I became a student of the forest, and of trees wherever I meet them.

Melissa, the forest steward of Platbos forest, makes a range of tree essences from the flowers and leaves of the trees in the forest. These essences, like the Bach flower remedies, work on the principle that water holds vibrational memory.  Melissa also makes ancient forest tree mists, combining the Platbos tree essences with indigenous fynbos essential oils and vibrationally enhanced ingredients, to create a range of exceptional healing mists.  These essences and mists have been an incredibly powerful yet subtle tool, both in my own healing, as well as with clients, both animal and human. 

In 2016, a student/friend asked me to support her to take reiki into the local animal rescue shelter, and through this group, what evolved at the end of 2017 was an invitation to co-found an animal haven, the Es la Vida Animal Haven, working to rehabilitate and rehome shelter dogs, as well as rehabilitate and retire traumatised donkeys and horses.  Using a combination of animal behaviour training, animal communication, reiki healing, and a variety of other healing modalities, the haven animals soon became some of my strongest guides and teachers.

My path of purpose has become one of service to the creation of a world where everything resides in conscious awareness, respect, gratitude and grace with each other:

​* Where civilised society learns to tread softly across the earth

* Where humans are healed and whole within themselves

*  Where humans remember themselves as part of the web of life that is all around us, conscious and aware of both their animals, and of nature, being conscious, intelligent and aware;

* Where animals are given a voice and a choice and treated as respected individuals, where they are understood and, in being understood, come back to balance and health

* Where nature in all her forms... from trees to insects, water to earth... is treated with gratitude and respect

* Where humans love themselves enough to heal themselves   

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