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Vibrational Alignment Sessions

Our human body is the result of a complex interaction between what we create in our thoughts and what we feel which our body reflects back to us in pain, ill health, anxiety, fatigue etc. etc.


The points of connection that link the mental, emotional, and spiritual layers with our physical body are the chakras.  Recognised in many ancient healing traditions that pre-date our modern western medicine approach, chakras are perceived as wheels of energy at various points in the body, and will reflect physical imbalance and blocked or stuck energy, by being overactive, underactive, or out of harmony in some way with the rest of the physical being.  Energy is frequency, and the frequency at which our physical body vibrates, determines the level of health and higher vibration we are able to access and channel through our body. 


A vibrational alignment session focuses on bringing the physical body into harmony and alignment with the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and supports in clearing blockages in the physical body, allowing easier access to higher dimensional aspects of your being.  Clearing the energy paths into and through your body will allow you to bring these higher aspects of self into the physical body which in turn will influence your physical reality. 


During a session, I will connect intuitively and vibrationally to the chakra system of your body, and through the use of a variety of vibrational tools I will lay out a healing support grid anchored by the chakra centres.  The foundation tools for each attunement session will be linked via a set of crystal vibrational pyramids; and will include but not be limited to, colour, sound, sacred geometry, light language, and a connection to the earth and nature through plant and tree vibrational essences. 


It is a profoundly supportive and multi-dimensional alignment experience, yet subtle and attuned to what you and your physical body are able to process at this point in time of your earth experience.


A detailed report will be sent after each session, set out by chakra centre, allowing you to meditate on the messages and images and so bring yourself further into harmonic resonance with the alignment session.

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