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Nature Based Therapies
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All of nature has consciousness and is intelligent, it is just that our human form of communication (language) does not allow us to understand or comprehend this.

In person, via skype, or through guided meditation, I help you connect more deeply with nature, and help you find healing, solace and guidance through connecting with nature.  Your special place and plant / tree / nature spot could be either in your garden, or in an untouched part of nature you know.

Working intuitively and in harmony with your desires, the following are some of the ways that your connection with nature can be deepened:

1. Healing with plant or nature ally


I help you identify and connect with a plant, stone, tree or nature ally within your environment... garden or nearby public space.  Through guided meditation, dowsing using a pendulum, and intuitive work, I help you connect with your ally and discover the best way to work with your ally (e.g. wear it, bathe in it, use it in a lotion or drink it...)


2. Healing with Platbos Forest Tree Essences and Platbos Ancient Forest Tree Mists


Platbos Forest is South Africa's southernmost indigenous forest, situated near Gansbaai in the Oververg region of the Western Cape.

The forest steward of Platbos Foret, Melissa Krige, developed a range of tree essences and ancient forest tree mists that are vibrational remedies.

These sessions  are offered to help the client select the vibration remedy most beneficial to their needs and path forward.  Assisting with setting of the intention most suitable, and then selecting the essence and / or ancient forest tree mist most suitable to supporting that intention.  Using intuition and pendulum dowsing, the mists and essences can be selected individually or as a group, depending on what is most beneficial and for the highest good of the client.  This can also be done when selecting these essences and mists as gifts, the mist or essence will be chosen based on photograph or name of the recipient.



3. Guided mindfulness walks and vibrational healing experiences in nature


Through incorporating various modalities, such as grounding, earthing, forest bathing, mindfulness, meditative and vibrational awareness, the mindfulness walks take place in a variety of natural settings, including pristine fynbos, ancient caves, beaches, waterfalls etc.  The setting, intention and type of walk is determined by your needs and wishes and level of fitness, and I act as facilitator and guide helping you to find inner peace, open yourself to the healing power of nature, and to experience a shift in awareness and connection with nature.

4. Guided meditations towards reconnecting with nature


Guided meditations that are normally incorporated into the workshops and courses, that are designed to help you connect with yourself at a deeper level as a part of nature, or to help you connect with a teacher tree, or nature elemental.  These meditations can be personally designed and recorded for personal ongoing use.

The pre-recorded meditations are recorded while in meditation, incorporating harmonics and attunement to a frequency and vibration that resonates with an intended outcome, e.g. healing, awareness, awakening.  These are general meditations that anyone can use.

The personalised recordings are recorded while in meditation, specifically attuned to your name vibration, and to an agreed upon intention that I create with you.

The unique-to-you meditations are created from scratch for you, designed and written after discussion with and specifically set around your power place, focusing on connecting you with your personal plant ally, teacher tree, helping elemental energies, or nature spot, recorded whilst I am in a meditative space, harmonising with your vibration, and the frequency of the intention I create with you.  These meditations take 6-8 hours to craft.

5. House clearings


The flow of energy through our lives and surroundings is important for health and harmony.  Sometimes energy gets stuck or sluggish within our environment.  Our houses are often boxes built without thought or consideration of the natural flow of energy, and arguments, worries and anxieties can build up within a space.  Sick building syndrome is a term used when humans start to develop illness when spending time within a particular space, and clearing the energetic space can help.

House clearing works on a vibrational level, clearing up stagnant pools of energy, and working to lift the vibration and energy of an environment, bringing lightness, flow and healing to the space, and the beings who dwell within the space.


6. Land and environment energy balancing and clearing


Human activity and human construction can block natural lines of energy that flow through the surface of the earth, and can lead to blockages in life, business, health and relationships.  

Land and environment balancing and clearing uses several different modalities to identify and mitigate any blockages in the land or environment surrounding a dwelling, business, project etc.  


7. Ceremonies


Ceremonies are specifically designed conscious activities, undertaken in a specific way to meet an intention.  The ceremonies offered here are designed to help humans bring themselves into partnership and harmony with the land they live on and /or work on, and are designed to raise awareness and gratitude, and connect the humans to the land, to nature and to an awareness of their spatial relation to both elements and directions within that space.


8. Workshops


I offer nature-related workshops in the following areas:

* How to connect with nature and with elements of nature.

* How to find yourself through meditation and mindfulness in nature

* Ceremony - what it is, how to create it and how to perform it

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