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Animal Therapies

Over the years I have extended the work I do with animals beyond just “talking” and communicating with them, (as they sometimes don’t know why they either feel the way they do, or act the way they do), to include different modalities and techniques to help me understand the animal, their perspective, and their emotions better.

In addition to reiki energy healing (an ancient healing technique rediscovered in Japan in 1920’s), I work with a range of vibrational healing modalities and therapies (such as the frequencies of colour healing, sound healing, fragrance etc.), and I work with these interchangeably and varyingly, intuitively guided by what will be of most assistance to the animal and the situation.


I have also developed personal healing protocols that work to identify underlying emotional blockages, fears and anxieties, which helps to gain a deeper understanding of the animal's perspective, triggers and stressors, and then work to shift these blockages and emotional traumas within the animal, to the degree which they are ready to release an old, stuck pattern or emotion.  I then identify a range of modalities and tools that can be used by the human, at home, to help the animal shift in the physical environment.

I work from a photograph, or face-to-face.

Animal Communication

Offering assistance in the following areas: (please see blogs for more detailed discussion on animal communication and each of the areas listed below)

  • Behaviour issues or problems – to help gain an understanding of the animal’s perspective, reasons for the behaviour, assist with new behaviour training, helping the animal to understand their situation better, identifying the underlying emotional triggers and traumas that are having an influence on the behaviour and perspective, releasing these emotional patterns and helping the animal to reframe their perspective and understanding of the world, using vibrational healing to facilitate changes in the physiological, mental and emotional aspects of the animal.

  • Preparation for a change in their situation/environment – e.g. moving house; introducing a new human or animal to the home; going on holiday; humans going on holiday without animal; trip to the vet; renovating the home etc. 
    Depending on the scale of the change, several sessions may be required for the more major changes (such as relocation), but this will be advised and discussed on booking. 

  • Dealing with loss of a human or animal - animal's grieve and sometimes they may not understand what happened.  A communication and healing session can help those animals who are struggling to come to terms with, or to understand what happened, the loss of a family member (human or animal).  This loss can also be felt when, for instance, a human leaves home (in the case of divorce, a child leaving home etc.)

  • Lost/missing animals - I have developed a protocol of working with lost and missing animals that involves intuitive body scan to pick up signs of injury, using different modalities to pick up whether the animal is alive and able to move around on their own, working with the animal to release trauma or emotional blocks that may be keeping them in a state of anxiety, or shutdown, and helping them across the physical, mental and emotional bodies to find their way home, or show themselves, as well as picking up any information on their surroundings, physical wellbeing, circumstances etc.

  • Animals in transition and end-of-life support – finding out whether they wish to cross over with assistance or not; preparing them for crossing over

  • Rescues / injured/traumatised animals – help to calm, help them to understand, help them to release "stuck" emotional patterning or trauma. 

  • Healing from injury – help them to understand, explain the process of healing and to work with them using vibrational healing therapies best suited to their unique situation.

  • Newly adopted introduction and settling - working with the animal to be adopted, as well as with the animals already in the home, the sessions will highlight what each of the animals will need in order to make the introduction and settling in as seamless as possible, and the best ways to do the introduction according to the needs of each animal and for the family as a whole.


Big Cat Rescue and Relocation

Based on experience gained during the last six years, I have developed a protocol for preparing big cats for rescue and relocation.  While each case, situation and individual animal is unique, the general protocol involves first establishing a foundation of trusted communication, then working with each animal to prepare for the relocation across the physical, mental and emotional spectrum, as well as working with each one to identify and release any past trauma related to being relocated.  

Each project involves multiple sessions leading up to, during, as well as after arrival at the sanctuary, helping the animal settle and adjust.


Reiki Healing

Not just for healing physical injuries, the following are suggestions of areas where reiki can be of assistance: (please see blogs for more detailed discussion on reiki healing for animals)

  • Healing from surgery, injury, illness

  • Grief and the process of mourning

  • Rescues, traumatised and abused animals

  • Wild animals

  • Animals in transit

  • Anxiety, Reactivity


Mentoring and Guidance

I offer mentoring and guidance sessions and assistance to new animal communicators, reiki practitioners and those who work in energy healing with animals.  Through skype/zoom sessions, one on one, and practical hands-on with animals in shelter, havens or at home, I offer my knowledge, and applicable experience to helping you gain confidence, deepen your understanding, and enhance your skills.

Workshops and Courses

I offer workshops in animal communication, developing intuitive sense, Usui Reiki with a focus on animals and nature among others.  I also offer reiki practice days and mentoring.

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