Animal Therapies

Many of the animals I am asked to communicate with are struggling with either health, behavioural or emotional issues, and mostly all of them have a connection to an underlying emotional pattern, just like us humans.  Animals are emotional beings, just as we humans are.  There are many scientists, professors and researchers studying and mapping the emotions in animals, so it is no longer considered wrong or incorrect to acknowledge emotion in an animal.  (For just one of many researchers and info on this, look into Dr. Marc Bekoff’s work,

Now as a human, it is often quite difficult to identify our own emotions, especially when a situation triggers a fear or anxiety.  “Why are you feeling anxious?” can be difficult to answer.  So, too with animals.

Over the years I have extended the work I do with animals beyond just “talking” and communicating with them, (as they sometimes don’t know why they either feel the way they do, or act the way they do), to include different modalities and techniques to help me understand the animal, their perspective, and their emotions better.

Being that we are more than just physical matter, we are all just a mass of vibrating frequencies pulsating at different wavelengths, the modalities I work with are mostly “energy healing modalities”.  Our physical body is vibration slowed down to become physical matter, and so health issues at a physical level often have a cause in the higher vibrating emotional and mental levels.

In addition to reiki energy healing (an ancient healing technique rediscovered in Japan in 1920’s), I also work with muscle testing, (which is a method of bypassing the conscious controlling mind, accessing the subconscious mind and then working direct with the underlying subconscious mind), kinesiology and vibrational modalities and therapies (such as the frequencies of colour healing, sound healing, fragrance  etc.), and I work with these interchangeably and varyingly, intuitively guided by what will be of most assistance to the animal and the situation.


Animals teach us that we are not just physical beings, we humans are the only species that limit ourselves to what our physical senses can inform us… and “prove” to us.  Animals work across distance, time and space, through the heart and through energy, and it is on this basis that animal telepathic communication works, as well as healing across time and space.

In using a combination of the modalities I mentioned, in addition to the communication and physical healing, I also identify underlying emotional blockages, fears and anxieties, and use a variety of modalities to help gain deeper understanding, and to help realise, release and shift these blockages and emotional traumas within the animal, to the degree which they are ready to release an old, stuck pattern or emotion.  I then identify a range of modalities and tools that can be used by the human, at home, to help the animal shift in the physical environment.

I work from a photograph, or face-to-face.

Animal Communication

Offering assistance in the following areas: (please see blogs for more detailed discussion on animal communication and each of the areas listed below)

  • Behaviour issues or problems – to help gain an understanding of the animal’s perspective, reasons for the behaviour, assist with new behaviour training etc.

  • Preparation for a change in their situation/environment – e.g. moving house; introducing a new human or animal to the home; going on holiday; humans going on holiday without animal; trip to the vet; renovating the home etc. etc.

  • Dealing with loss of a human or animal

  • Lost/missing animals

  • Animals in transition and end-of-life support – finding out whether they wish to cross over with assistance or not; preparing them for crossing over

  • Rescues / injured/traumatised animals – help to calm, help them to understand, help them to release "stuck" emotional patterning or trauma

  • Healing from injury – help them to understand, explain the process of healing

  • Newly adopted introduction and settling

    Average donation: R650 per animal / session


Reiki Healing

Not just for healing physical injuries, the following are suggestions of areas where reiki can be of assistance: (please see blogs for more detailed discussion on reiki healing for animals)

  • Healing from surgery, injury, illness

  • Grief and the process of mourning

  • Rescues, traumatised and abused animals

  • Wild animals

  • Animals in transit

  • Anxiety, Reactivity


Average donation: R350 per animal / session

Mentoring and Guidance

I offer mentoring and guidance sessions and assistance to new animal communicators, reiki practitioners and those who work in energy healing with animals.  Through skype/zoom sessions, one on one, and practical hands-on with animals in shelter, havens or at home, I offer my knowledge, and applicable experience to helping you gain confidence, deepen your understanding, and enhance your skills.

Average donation: from R200 per hour

Workshops and Courses

I offer workshops in animal communication and Usui Reiki with a focus on animals and nature.  I also offer reiki practice days through the animal haven. 

The prices are set according to the venue and other costs involved and are usually from R650 per seat upwards