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Teaching, Facilitating and Mentoring

Please email to be placed on my mailing list, or to find out about attending a workshop or organising a workshop, walk, experience etc.

Public workshops are advertised through my facebook page, to the mailing list, and the venue's marketing channels. Links to the facebook pages can be found at the bottom of the page.


Workshops offered: 

* "Hearing Animals" Animal Communication workshop

* How to work with missing animals (for experienced communicators) - Workshop

* Reiki Energy Healing... Usui Level 1 to Teacher - Workshops

* Reiki for animals and nature - Workshop

*  Workshops on meditation; beginning and deepening the practice

* Workshops on connecting with spirit guides

* Connecting with the wisdom and guidance of nature - a meditation and practical experience workshop

* Connecting with the wisdom of trees workshop

* Munay ki course

* Rite of the womb (13th rite) workshop

* Shamanic practice for the western society and how to incorporate it into your life

* Ceremonies specifically designed to deepen connection, gratitude and awareness

* Mentoring these practices within students

* Workshop intensives - a combination of any or all of the above held over several days

* One-on-one or small group retreat days to assist with personal growth and transformation

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