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Heart Connecting Nature Walks

In connecting with ancestors of lineage and land, my oft-repeated questions have been, "why am I here in this place in this time? What purpose does it serve and how can I make my presence of value?  How can I best be of service to the earth and to the ancestors?"

To hear the answers to these questions, I would take myself to nature.  I would go the forest, the cave, the open land, the mountains... walking in silence while pondering these questions and asking mother earth and the ancestors of my lineage and of the land to give me guidance.

Over time I realised that these walks were the very answer to my question. Just by making myself open and available, through my heart, to the earth and my ancestors, I became a student to them and a conduit for them to work through me.  In subtle ways I found my daily life influenced more and more by awareness of the consequence of my choices on the earth, I became more aware of the subtle vibrations that run through the earth and by allowing myself to step in harmonic resonance with the vibrations, I could become a beacon for this earth energy to resonate through me and outwards into the space around me. 

And this is how the heart connecting walk came into being.  I found that I could give others these tools to open their hearts, to allow them to come into their own resonance with the earth and nature, which allowed for healing and releasing, recharging and refuelling of their energy reserves.  I also found I could bring into the walk those humans who couldn't be there in person, either due to distance or commitments.

So if you are struggling to find untouched nature near you, or struggle to make time to go to nature, consider joining a heart-walk remotely, which may be just the motivational vibration you need to reconnect more deeply with nature.

If you would like to be included in a heart connecting walk, please let me know by either completing the contact me section at the bottom of the page, or by emailing me on or whatsapping me  on +27 (0)72 845 3827(contact details at the bottom of every page).  I will add your name to the list and will be in touch regarding the next heart walk.  At this stage, (2020), I will not be doing group walks, only remote walks.

The heart walks are done throughout the month, in no particular regularity, and taking place in a variety of natural settings, including ancient forest, caves, near water/waterfalls, in mountains, along cliffs by the sea, or over open land. 

There will be a specific intention set for each walk, and this will be intuited based on the current earth influences, such as moon cycle, the current astrological influences, the season and proximity to seasonal celebrations, etc.  (For example, a walk on or near a new moon will be more focused on setting an intention or goal, whereas near a full moon the intention will be about releasing and letting go). 

I will communicate this to the list a few days before the walk and during the walk will make a brief recording to share to the group.  

Nature heals, if we can remember our connection to her.

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