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In 2016, whilst my volunteer stay at Panthera Africa, I had the pleasure of meeting Sammy. She was kind enough to take some time and do an animal communication workshop with us volunteers. I had heard about animal communication before, even did a workshop in Germany. However, Sammy's way of teaching and explaining was such a wonderful experience and encouraged me to finally start practicing animal communication myself. It is beautiful and rewarding experience. 

When my cat Sara got sick, I contacted Sammy. Sara had Diabetes. At that time she would not eat properly, because I had to change her food. Sammy did everything to explain to Sara what was going on, we found out how she felt and encouraged her to keep fighting. Sammy put Sara in her Reiki circle. Sara started eating again and a few weeks later, with lots of care, attention, medicine and the right food, Sara is now healthy again; no insulin injections needed. I could not be happier. 

A few weeks ago my mum's dog got sick and he seemed to be very sad, just not himself. Again I contacted Sammy, to talk to Pino and find out what was wrong. We got a few very very important insights into Pino's soul and lots of ideas we checked concerning his environment and his health. 

At times, Pino is still a "grumpy old man" (he is 11 years old), but thanks to Sammy we understand him better and can take care of his needs. 

Thank you Sammy for everything you have done for us!!!! Animal communication is a great way of getting a better bond with animals! Please try and trust. Sammy is absolutely reliable and honest. A wonderful person. 🍀

Nora, Berlin

With the greatest of sacredness and intentions, Sammy, through her modalities, is able to shed light on any situation, whether personal, for an animal or a situation.

Through her own knowledge and wisdom and that which is given to her through her modalities, she is able to bring clarity, deep understanding, and love to any situation.

It is a true privilege and with a great sense of comfort to have Sammy as part of the Panthera Africa family, where her contribution towards the animals, the volunteers, the project as a whole, as well as Lizaene and myself personally, is invaluable.

We are in deep gratitude and Sammy’s services have our strongest recommendations.

Cathrine, co-founder of Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary, Western Cape, South Africa

One of the highlights for me was to meet Sammy and, through her, meeting animals and nature in a new way. On the meditation journey that she guided us through before the whale safari, I could almost sense the physical presence of the different elements.

The animal communication workshop I would choose over again, in a heartbeat. I must admit that my expectations were split. I was both excited to learn and experience this, but at the same time nervous not to manage. How Sammy guides us through these exercises, made me trust what I saw and what I experienced a little more. I also experienced that things she conveyed, or maybe how she conveyed it, made me understand something differently. Or at a deeper level, maybe. Things I already understood mentally became more alive to me. I'm very grateful for the experience.

Tone-Cecilie, October 2019

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