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My Approach

The earth is my guide; animals my teachers; and nature is my compass.

I bring an intuitive approach to each and every interaction, being and session that I am invited to be involved with.

Having animals and nature as my guides and teachers has taught me to work with integrity, intuition, and for the highest good, and I bring these qualities to my healing modalities.

I approach each session, client, ceremony, and space, in a way that sets myself aside, and lets me be open to what is best for each space, place, being, and circumstance.

This allows me to bring the best of each modality in my toolbox, to best serve and help the client, or space, in the way that best serves the highest needs of that moment, the space, the being I am working with.

My work is done on a "what you can afford and feel it is worth" basis.  I provide a rate sheet in each category which is based on the average length of time I invest in each session.  Please understand that these figures are not set in stone, and I will never turn away a being in need.  By the same token, please understand that your payment is what allows me to continue to do this work, support my family, and continue to develop my skills.

I work internationally, and payments can be made via Paypal for international clients. 

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