Sammy Thompson

Animal - Human - Nature
Healing and Connection Therapies

* Animal Communication

* Reiki Energy Healing for animals

* Emotional charting and healing, specialising in rescues and traumatised animals

* Missing animals

* Intuitive healing and vibrational healing (across the colour, sound, scent spectrums)

Workshops in animal communication and reiki healing

* Reiki Healing

* Intuitive healing

* Working with Platbos African tree essences, and Platbos ancient forest tree mists

* Oracle card readings

* Guided meditations towards health and re-connection to self

* Dream interpretation

* Personalised healing and retreat days

* Working with, connecting with spirit guides

Workshops in reiki healing and nature medicine

* Healing with plant allies

* Healing with Platbos African tree essences and Platbos ancient forest tree mists

* Guided mindfulness walks and vibrational healing experiences in a nature setting

* Guided meditations towards reconnecting human to nature

* House clearings

* Land and environment energy balancing and clearing

Ceremonies, individually designed to harmonise humans to the land, nature and the elements

Workshops on connecting with nature and trees

* "Hearing Animals" Animal Communication workshop

* How to work with missing animals (for experienced communicators) - Workshop

* Reiki Energy Healing... Usui Level 1 to Teacher - Workshops

* Reiki for animals and nature - Workshop


*  Workshops on meditation; beginning and deepening the practice

* Workshops on connecting with spirit guides

* Connecting with the wisdom and guidance of nature - a meditation and practical experience workshop

* Connecting with the wisdom of trees workshop

* Munay ki course

* Rite of the womb (13th rite) workshop

* Shamanic practice for the western society and how to incorporate it into your life

* Ceremonies specifically designed to deepen connection, gratitude and awareness

* Mentoring of students

* Workshop intensives - a combination of any or all of the above held over several days

* One-on-one or small group retreat days to assist with personal growth and transformation

My Approach

I bring an intuitive approach to each and every interaction, being and session that I am invited to be involved with.

Having animals and nature as my guides and teachers has taught me to work with integrity, intuition, and for the highest good, and I bring these qualities to my healing modalities.

I approach each session, client, ceremony, and space, in a way that sets myself aside, and lets me be open to what is best for each space, place, being and circumstance.

This allows me to bring the best of each modality in my toolbox, to best serve and help the client, or space, in the way that best serves the highest needs of that moment, the space, the being I am working with.

About me

Animal side…. Human side…. Nature side

For more than a decade, I have been an animal communicator and reiki energy healer for both humans and animals.  It started as a search for help with depression; transitioned into a desire to help animals as much as they  had helped me; and ended up as a path of service to animals, and the earth, and helping humans remember themselves as a part of the natural world and so find their peace, creativity and purpose. 

I initially started working with an established animal communicator, to help grow my confidence and gain experience, and for several years ran the lost and missing animal division, working with a few other communicators in a supportive community with each other, helping to connect with lost and missing animals. 


During this same time, I embarked on an inward journey of healing, facilitated by the healing energies of Reiki, and through this inner journey, learnt how to be of service to assist other humans to finding inner peace, release and healing. 

A deep sense of longing was growing within me, an awareness of nature and the earth being alive, and this longing led me, nearly 10 years ago, to attending a workshop on the shamanic rites of initiation that have been gifted by the Queros shamans of Peru to the Western world.  These rites of initiation are  gifted as seeds into the energy field, whereupon they germinate into their full potential when the recipient provides the right conditions in terms of inner healing, growing awareness, and a willingness to grow the self. 

A comprehensive permaculture design course gave me the practical knowledge to shift my interaction with the physical world, and cultivated a yearning within to become more self-sustainable.

More Information

**Under development**

For more detailed information, I include personally written blogs, articles and documents relating to animal communication, missing animals, personal healing, reiki... please click on the links to learn more


Animal Communication

Animals and Emotions

Hearing tree wisdom

Ceremony in daily life

Choose Peace

Thank you Sammy for everything you have done for us!!!! Animal communication is a great way of getting a better bond with animals! Please try and trust. Sammy is absolutely reliable and honest. A wonderful person

Nora, Berlin


Gansbaai, Western Cape, South Africa

Sammy Thompson

T: +27 (0)72 845 3827


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